The competition is held at Aloha Golf between November 28 and December 1. The prize pool will double in the 2020 edition, going from the current 300,000 to 600,000 euros. Costa del Sol will sponsor the Ladies European Tour Ranking for four years, which will be called ‘Race to Costa del Sol’ from next season. This tournament, apart from great commitment to golf and entertainment, is a showcase of the tourist excellence of the Costa del Sol and Andalucia
The Andalucia Costa del Sol Open de España Femenino, an integrated tournament within the European Professional Women's Circuit held at Aloha Golf between November 28 and December 1, has announced the greatest commitment to elite women's golf in the history of our country thanks to the joint initiative of various institutions headed by Ministerio de Turismo de la Junta de Andalucía, Turismo Costa del Sol, Acosol - Mancomunidades Costa del Sol Occidental and the municipalities of Benahavís and Marbella.
This commitment is concretized in doubling the endowment in prizes in the 2020 edition, which will go from the current 300,000 to 600,000 euros, and in the change of denomination of the Ranking of the Ladies European Tour, which goes on to sponsor Costa del Sol to be called 'Race to Costa del Sol 'from next season, endowed with an additional bonus of 250,000 euros distributed among the first three players of the aforementioned Ranking.
These important announcements have been made known during the official presentation of the Andalucia Costa del Sol Open de España Femenino, a determined bid for golf, entertainment and tourism where the best players in the European Continent will be present, “a perfect showcase of what the Costa del Sol in particular and Andalucia in general can offer ”, according to the consensus opinion of the representatives of the different institutions.
Rafael Fontán, President of Aloha Golf, welcomed everyone present, stressing that “it is an honor to host this event for us, which is why it promotes the promotion of Andalusian and Spanish women's golf and the promotion of the Costa del Sol, the largest concentration of golf courses in Europe. We have made a remarkable effort to have the field in the best conditions and offer the best services to all, so we trust that, as in 2016, everything will be a success ”.
Gonzaga Escauriaza, President of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, stressed that “we are delighted that this Open is held again in Aloha, which is a magnificent field accustomed to hosting men's and women's tournaments of the highest prestige. We will show everyone that you can play golf in November and December on the Costa del Sol, both for its weather and for the quality of its courses. Women's golf has been carefully taken care of for a long time, with actions already undertaken by my predecessor Emma Villacieros. We have the best of the best in this tournament and you have to enjoy it in the framework of a joint commitment of all institutions and a luxury organizer like Deporte & Business so that everything goes perfectly ”.
In her turn of intervention, Marta Figueras-Dotti, President of the Ladies European Tour, expressed her satisfaction “for being one more year on the Costa del Sol. We are working hard with our CEO Alejandra Armas to strengthen the LET, and we consider Spain as an essential destination ”.
For his part, Iñigo Aramburu, General Director of Sports & Business, stressed that “we will enjoy a magnificent show. We have formed a great team and we want to continue growing together thanks to the determined commitment of the sponsors, with whom we have already come a long way that we hope to increase in the future ”.
Manuel Cardeña, Executive CEO of Acosol, highlighted the already established commitment of golf courses to irrigate with recycled water “which guarantees not only the present, but also the future. We are in the cradle where the growth of this sport in Andalusia radiated, in the so-called Valley of Golf. The most important thing is that we are a team of institutions that work for the same destination, promoting women's golf, both now and in the future ”
The CEO of Turismo Costa del Sol, Margarita del Cid, was in charge of announcing the sponsorship of her institution to the Ranking of the LET “which happens to be called Race to Costa del Sol for the next 4 years, with the prestige that it represents for the Costa del Sol, whose presence is guaranteed in all the tournaments of the year of the Ladies European Tour. In relation to this tournament, it will be widely distributed abroad, which will be able to visualize the tourist and weather excellence of our land, accustomed to celebrating events of this type. Not surprisingly, golf is a very important activity because of the income it generates ”.
José Antonio Mena, Mayor of Benahavís, reiterated his municipality's commitment to golf “since 90 percent of its activity is linked to this sport. We are delighted to join this project, which will serve as a window to the world to show our excellence. Not surprisingly, almost 50% of the golf courses in Andalusia are located on the Costa del Sol ”.
Finally, Manuel Muñoz, Secretary General of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía, stressed “the beneficial communion between the administrations, which is reflected in tournaments as important as this one. In Andalusia we have great experience with the organization of large events. We must highlight the importance of golf in job creation, in its established brand as a top-level tourist destination. It is necessary to continue taking care of it with love since there are many tourists who come to Andalusia and the Costa del Sol whose first motivation is golf ”.