SNice start German golfer, 65 strokes that allow her to lead the tournament after her first day. Nuria Iturrioz, Harang Lee and Fátima Fernández, eleventh with 70 strokes, best Spanish after the first 18 holes of competition. Azahara Muñoz, Beatriz Recari and María Parra, in expectation after delivering 71-hit cards. Cheyenne Woods, Tiger’s niece, who was the leader after the first round of the Open de España Femenino in 2013, fourth ranked with 68 strokes.
Olivia Cowan, with a devastating proposal of 65 strokes, has starred in the most dazzling premiere at the Andalucía Costa del Sol Open de España, a tournament submitted from the first to an intense show.
First it was given by Christina Kim, Anne Van Dam and, to a lesser extent, Azahara Muñoz, protagonists of a stellar party that did not disappoint anyone. Five under the pair of the North American in clubhouse, four of the Dutch and one of the Spanish, the three established an exquisite duel from which the first two, tremendously solid from tee to green and, more importantly, with a fineness with the putts that lacked the Malaga golfer to climb to the top of the lead.
“The result is fine, lowering the pair is important, but I have slight resentment because things could have gone much better. Many putts have been bordering the hole, and if the story had entered it would have been very different” said Azahara Muñoz without losing his smile as soon as he delivered his 71-stroke card and placed in 18th place.
The American Christina Kim, fun in its purest form, both for the effectiveness of its blows and for its way of celebrating them and their peculiar clothing, celebrated its great result of 67 blows with manifest uproar. Six birdies – the last in his 18th hole after hitting the flag from more than 80 meters and leaving the ball practically given – showed his ability to generate a pressure that withstood with temperance Anne Van Dam, defender of the title, who with 68 blows and from the fourth place keeps intact their aspirations to repeat feat.
The jubilation of Christina Kim lasted however a few hours, which mediated the realization of the sensational proposal of the German Olivia Cowan, who at 23 years aspires to get her first victory in the revitalized Ladies European Tour. The German, a solid birdie machine, kept her orphan card of bogeys, an exclusive distinction that earned her the deserved leadership.
The Norwegian Marianne Skarpnord, at the edge of the end of the day, dared to snatch the maximum prominence, although her 66 strokes did not reach 7 under the pair of the German. Cheyenne Woods, the niece of Tiger who was the leader at the end of the first day of the Open de España Femenino in 2013, was also added to the party, fourth ranked this time with 68 strokes.
qualified group of Spaniards who aspire to repeat the victorious feats of Azahara Muñoz in the 2016 and 2017 editions responded from a distance. Beatriz Recari, in the morning, and María Parra in the afternoon, matched the He recorded 71 malagueña with 71 strokes, a good result improved at the edge of the conclusion of the round by Nuria Iturrios, Fátima Fernández and Harang Lee, all eleventh with 70 strokes, a brilliant performance that allows them to continue to ambition everything.
Cheyenne Woods, the niece of Tiger who was the leader of the Women’s Open of Spain in 2013
Cheyenne Woods, an American golfer who struggles with significant success to gain a place among the best in the LPGA, is one of the leading golfers in the Andalusia Costa del Sol Open in Spain. Its premiere has been outstanding, fourth classified with 68 strokes, although not as much as in 2013, its previous presence in this tournament, when it concluded the first day leading the classification. On that occasion the headline to describe the day was ‘Woods leads the Open’, the dreamed headline, the four words most desired by half the world at that time, focused on the evolution of everything that happened in Muirfield, the cathedral of The Open . Her uncle Tiger did not achieve the goal, but she, his niece, who finished in 23rd place.
A new incorporation of the future for the Navy
Galician Fátima Fernández Cano opens in a Women’s Open in Spain after spending all this year in America playing the Symetra Tour, LPGA satellite circuit. Thanks to a great year, he has had the opportunity to play his first major, the US Open, after a great preview. Now, Fátima Fernández arrives at Aloha Golf with the desire to consolidate among the Navy group and be one of the references in the future. Its premiere could not be more promising, 70 hits that have placed him in the eleventh place.