The Dutch, current champion, is second only one blow from the new leader, the German Karolin Lampert. Azahara Muñoz, with three under par to the total, ascends to the eleventh place and keeps intact his options of aspiring to win with 36 holes to play
The Dutch Anne Van Dam already calls with undisputed forces at the door of the title of the Andalusian Costa del Sol Open of Female Spain, which has a group of aspirants as abundant as qualified when 36 exciting holes remain for its conclusion.
Among that copious list is also the Malaga-born Azahara Muñoz, who, five strokes from first place, keeps intact her options to reissue recent glories in a high-voltage tournament, open to all kinds of expectations.
It is true that the maximum prominence in the equator of the competition is the German Karolin Lampert, who has joined efficiency and regularity to enter two consecutive 68 in its results table. But so is that Anne Van Dam, at a single stroke, from second place, extends her particular idyll with the tournaments played in Spain, where her performances are always maximum.
Before a tremendously compressed classification, with fourteen players of the highest level separated by a meager difference of 5 strokes, the morning developed around that chaos content, with successive assaults to the highest part of the classification motivated by a tidal wave of players with obvious ability to generate birdies.

Cheyenne Woods, niece of the celestial Tiger, was one of the protagonists of the continuous change of hands of the leadership, given very soon by the German Olivia Cowan - the best the first day - when, badly heights, she turned her third hole, solved by triple Bogey, on an ordeal.

The American golfer in turn gave the witness to Karolin Lampert, who returned to place the German flag on the cusp, able to chain three consecutive birdies up to two times throughout its round, curiously the first three holes of each lap.

Such a repetition of successes catapulted him to the summit, cemented as if it were not enough with another birdie in his last hole that allowed Karolin Lampert to remain untouched despite the very strong attacks of the Indian Aditi Ashok and the Norwegian Marianne Skarpnord, who with 7 under In total, tied for second place with Anne Van Dam, they also run to win a title that has countless brides halfway
In the face of such foreign exhibitions, the Spanish cartridges did not just explode despite the obvious efforts of their best representatives to get into the cart of foreign perfection. Nuria Iturrios, Fátima Fernández, Harang Lee, María Parra, Beatriz Recari, Noemí Jiménez ..., constituted a wide range of options under the common denominator of notable actions that lacked an apex of success to become outstanding and, therefore, With capacity to locate in the true ointment.
The eyes, therefore, focused on Azahara Muñoz, whose sweeping start - three birdies in the first three holes - ignited all kinds of expectations partially cut by in turn two bogeys followed leveled in a first round as spectacular as intense by two others birdies
Companion of Anne Van Dam and Christina Kim -5 under par in the last four holes that also includes it in all pools-, the Malaga settled the rest of the tour based on hard work and well-known trade, aware that the most important was not to give ground and, on the contrary, to keep the proper distance to run in turn as a series aspiring to victory.
Hole in 1 by Christina Kim in 17
Christina Kim again showed her extraordinary ability to generate a show by signing a sensational hole in 1 on 17 of the beautiful Aloha Golf course. The American came from scoring two birdies in the two previous holes and, as if that were not enough, she signed one more in the 18, thus accumulating 5 under par in the last four holes, an excellent performance that catapulted her back to the top of the table after a round, until that moment, discreet.
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Eleven of fourteen Spaniards pass the cut at the Andalucia Costa del Sol Open de España Femenino
The Spanish Navy becomes strong in the Andalusian Costa del Sol Open of Spain Women. Eleven of the fourteen participants have passed the cut, being Azahara Muñoz the most prominent with -3 in the accumulated. In addition to the Malaga, the list of Spaniards who have passed the cut are Harang Lee, María Parra, Beatriz Recari, Nuria Iturrioz, Noemí Jiménez, Fátima Fernández, María Hernández, Marta Sanz, Luna Sobrón and Carmen Alonso.
The idyll of Anne Van Dam with Spain
Consolidated as one of the best European and world players, the Dutch Anne Van Dam has forged much of the best of her career in Spain, where her results have been excellent. Special mention for his victory at the Damm Mediterranean Ladies Open Star achieved in September 2018, a prelude to his second victory in our country in the Women's Spanish Open, just two months later. The Dutch golfer, who happens to be the player who reaches more meters on average from the tee tee inside the LET, attacks again.
Wood three, enough club for Anne Van Dam this week
The Dutch player and current champion of the tournament does not carry the driver in her bag this week. The powerful player does not see the use of the great ‘boss’ necessary and has left it parked throughout the competition. Although, it is true, that the only time he brought it out was the professional who reached the most meters in the longest drive competition held on Wednesday on the terrace of Aloha Golf Club. The tactic, for now, is paying off to the most average player of the Ladies European Tour (281 yards).