The Danish Nanna Madsen, new leader, leads the Swedish Julia Engstrom in two strokes. Brave reaction of Azahara Muñoz, who with 67 strokes is placed in seventh place, six of the Nordic golfer. 
Anne Van Dam, current champion, dazzles in the first round but suffers in the second to position herself in the third place.
The Andalucía Costa del Sol Open de España has a great number of applicants for the title when there are only 18 holes left for its conclusion. The quantity and quality of the many players with winning options is so great that the tournament has become a broth of conjecture despite the fact that, after the third day, the Danish Nanna Madsen dominates with relative sufficiency.
Also with possibilities that go through a slowdown in the Nordic golfer's ability to hit, is Azahara Muñoz, one of the great protagonists of the third round thanks to a fierce reaction materialized by 67 strokes that allow him to continue ascending in the classification, until seventh place, six strokes of Madsen.
The so-called 'movement day' golf course served, in effect, for the classification to agitate to unsuspected extremes, causing abrupt changes in the positions of many contestants, although the effect of that up and down had no reflection on truly decisive advantages for any of them.
The excellent results, scarce in previous days, were reproduced as spores on a third day where Nanna Madsen, with 5 consecutive birdies in the final stretch of her lap, and the Swedish Julia Engstrom, author of the best record, a spectacular 64, took the palm, which allows them to command the compressed classification.
Both surpassed the Dutch Anne Van Dam, the current champion, who perfectly represented the role of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde in a chaotic day where the initial path of roses became the way of thorns.
The display of the Dutchwoman during the first round caused real damage, dynamiting the hopes of her main rivals, subject without remedy to a successful machacón with no apparent end. A birdie to release the journey of Anne Van Dam was the beginning of a particularly intense performance from the fifth hole, when his succession of successes helped to clear the top of the table in a radical way.
The unified squad, eleven players separated by two strokes, broke sharply when the Dutch, merciless, scored another three birdies in the next four holes, 6 under par in the first round that devastated the resistance of their qualified rivals ... before the Dutch were pasture of their own doubts during the second round, resolved by a disappointing two over par to the satisfaction of the aforementioned Nana Madsen and Julia Engstrom, who came to monopolize the main role.
One of the participants in this exciting challenge of hunting and capturing the leadership was Azahara Muñoz, who ratified her status as a Spanish most inspired by a day in which, this time, she brought out the best of her smiles.
The putts, their particular calvary in the previous two days, finally found their goal, sowing the route of hopeful birdies that allowed him to continue climbing positions in the classification. The initial streak of successes, three in the first four holes, had continuity with two more at the start of the second round and another in the middle ... leveled by an unfortunate bogey in the 18th, the same result harvested in the previous two days of A pit so far damn.
Nanna Madsen, a solid player looking for her second LET win
Danish Nanna Madsen, the new leader of the Andalusian Costa del Sol Open in Spain for Women, aspires to achieve what would be her second win in the Ladies European Tour. Professional since 2015, at 25 years old, he is located in the top one hundred of the World Ranking, in 71st place in particular, which gives an idea of ​​its quality despite his youth, translated into a sports curriculum where only victory appears at the Tipsport Golf Masters in 2016. So far, his best result this season was in January during the celebration of the Fatima Bint Mubarak Open, where he finished eighth.
Azahara Muñoz: "The truth is that I played amazing"
"Yes, the truth is that I have played incredible, I have taken many streets, I have hit very good shots, I have left them very close and I am very happy, especially for my attitude. Yesterday I went down and today I came back with great desire , I knew I had to do few. Even if it is far away, you never know. "
“It helps me a lot to be at home. Yesterday we had family dinner, Marta came (Figueras-Dotti) and had a great time. I'm not going to fool you, I cried a lot and my sister was with me, it helped me a lot. I am very lucky, sometimes we complain about everything, but I always want to win. Today I have come and I have said that it is what it has to be. I really want to win, but at the end of the day it's the only thing I can do, give my best. As for the 18th hole and the bogeys, three years ago I hit the drive every day and now I'm sticking wood 3. Tomorrow I think I'm going to hit the drive no matter what. "

Spanish claw attack on the third day
After not achieving great results on the second day that catapulted the members of the "Armada" to the top positions, the third day of the Andalusia Costa del Sol Open of Female Spain has brought out the best of the best of some of the Spanish representatives . To the aforementioned case of Azahara Muñoz, the great return of Luna Sobrón joins, which leaving from behind has managed to sign a meritorious 68 that takes it to the twenty-seventh position. In addition, Nuria Iturrioz, Marta Sanz Barrio and María Hernández managed 70 laps (-2) to gain confidence for the last day.
Swedish magic day in the Andalucia Costa del Sol Open de España
The third day at Aloha Golf Club has left laps to remember, many birdies and very low laps that have allowed its main protagonists to achieve their goals. Apart from the 7 under par of the new leader, the Danish Nanna Madsen, forged primarily thanks to 5 consecutive birdies between holes 12 and 16, special mention for the 8 under par of the Swedish Julia Engstrom, if touched by the success wand in the second round, where he signed six birdies, four of them in the final part of the tour.